Andon Wireless 03 Audio Control EN

2.3 AD-WL-AUD Audio Control Device


Product features:

Communicating with AD-WL-1024 Wireless Central Control Unit via RF..

  • Operating principle: When there is a signal activation from the working position (SUB), the information is transferred to the central processing unit and the signal is transmitted to the audio control device. Depending on the event triggered – the corresponding sound will be emitted to the speaker of the working position.
  • There are 8 audio output ports corresponding to 8 separate lines (each port connected to a separate speaker). If at the same time, more events are triggered, the system will play sound towards the queue principle (each time the music plays only 1 line after 20 seconds after another pass).
  • There are 2 ports broadcasting general events when needing to notify the whole system.


  • Power Supply:  220V AC.
  • Getways: 8.
  • There is 01 to program to change the sound output content (update the memory card information).

(*) Wired equipment before improvement – we still use it for customers and the system still works to ensure the technical performance of the system …

Link to reference wired system audio control device

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