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Meterun taxi meter


1. General information

  • Taxi meter is an indispensable device in the business of taxi services – company or private.
  • Equipment must meet requirements: stable operation, accuracy, suitable form, aesthetic.
  • Taxi meter AD116F with advanced microprocessor, high mechanical strength, user-friendly software interface, very suitable for Vietnam Taxi companies to exploit business effectively.

    2. Feature:

    • Easy, fast and accurate operation with high security mode.
    • Programming the price of the meter (connected to a computer) is simple to do.
    • Say hello when you get on or off, the volume is adjustable.
    • Easy connection to cruise monitoring devices.
    • Connect the printer to print your bill.
    • Program the unit of distance accurately to the unit of meter.
    • Detect guests with intelligent infrared eye (can use weight sensor).

    The device mounted on the taxi

    • Store many important parameters (including 12 items): Total km, km of operation in the shift, total amount, number of injections, number of times the source of the clock is lost, The number of picks is less than 100 meters in the shift … And details of nearly 400 picks Most include the amount, the number of kilometers operated, the waiting time, the time of passengers getting in and off the vehicle.
    • Display pulse number / km.
    • Detect injected pulse, strange pulse impact on the watch, record the number of impact.
    • When there is a power failure, it will not lose the data of the driving vehicle, the meter automatically records the number of times the power is cut.
    • Can use the watch in the motorbike business.

    3. Technical data


     Technical data

    Plastic cover

    Fireproof ABS

    Mass (gr)


    Size (cm)

    173 x 48 x 70

    Operating temperature(0C)

    5 – 80

    Working voltage (VDC)

    11 – 16

    Static current (mA)


    Humidity (%)

    10 – 95

    4. Accessories


    Printer Reciept


    Electrical impulses



    5. Document


    Tổng cục tiêu chuẩn đo lường chất lượng Việt Nam

    Quyết định phê duyệt mẫu đồng hồ taxi adsun AD116F