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  • The ANDON ADSUN production management system is defined as a specialized software and equipment system to support the production management with the best efficiency in the production process of factories and companies.
  • The ANDON ADSUN system is designed to control the details of incident at each critical stage in the production process. The system works in real time with ability to warn immediately the interruption of the production process such as equipment with incidents, lack of raw materials, semi-finished products, detecting errors on products. These events are activated at work locations by employees – workers directly involved in production…
  • Problems that are triggered at working locations by employees or workers directly participating in production via buttons or remote can also be activated automatically from production equipment. Workers who have trouble producing on the line only need to press the button or remote, they will come to support. And the technical staff, the production manager – through the audio signal, the type of indicator light will know the exact position and position of the work that needs support.
  • Displaying production information (indicators, current output, defective products …) of each line, department. Helping the management department make appropriate decisions.
  • Data system at the server will help managers have accurate statistical reports such as time of incident, time of troubleshooting, location of incident, total incident and export report data can be accessed from local area network, internet and iOS & Android App.
  • Can access database into Excel or PDF for storage.
  • Connecting to an access database with Enterprise Resource Planning system – ERPs, MRPs, … via required API (Application Programming Interface).

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