1. Taxi operating management


As a taxi management and management solution provider with more than 10 years experience, Adsun continues to research and build a new technology platform for businesses doing passenger transportation by taxi and electronic contract vehicles.

2. Management of passenger cars and trucks


Meet the mandatory requirements of the cruise control equipment installed by the authorities. The system has full features, certified standard conformity QCVN 31: 2014 / BGTVT, ensuring registration standards and stable operation.



ANDON ADSUN product management support solution is defined as a system of equipment: electricity, electronics, hardware and specialized software to directly support the best management and operation of production.

(*) Note

In the market, consumers often use the terms when searching or mentioning the Adsun products we taste like:

Thiết bị định vị Adsun ( thiet bi dinh vi adsun );
Thiết bị định vịthiet bi dinh vi );
Định vị xe Ô tô ( dinh vi xe o to );
Giám sát hành trình ( giam sat hanh trinh );
Hộp đen Ô tô ( hop den o to );
Định vị hợp chuẩn ( dinh vi hop chuan );
Định vị không hợp chuẩn ( dinh vi khong hop chuan );
Thiết bị giám sát hành trình ( thiet bi giam sat hanh trinh );