News 07 British Airways uses Drone to automate inventory inventories

British Airways uses Drone to automate inventory inventories

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IAG Cargo successfully tested the drone technology in its cargo handling facility facility in Madrid in a move that they hope will cut thousands of hours a year to locate cargo through. my warehouse.
British Airways’ parent company, IAG is implementing a number of advanced automation solutions to digitize the fast-growing industry of air transport.
Announced on Thursday, IAG Cargo will begin using automated drones (Drones) in order to automate the complete inventory of inventories in air transport facilities, after a successful test.
With the vision of fully automating the inventory management at air transport facilities, IAG Cargo has worked closely with FlytBase to scan the airborne inventory at the Madrid facility.

Inventory inventory is important for cargo and logistics operations, a huge amount of working hours, spending thousands of hours per year on IAG Cargo centers in the UK, Spain and Ireland.
Moreover, the rapid global growth in e-commerce and increasing customer expectations of direct delivery means that air transport operators are increasing the counting frequency several times.

According to the IAG, Unmanned drones can support this increase in inspection frequency. Flytbase is providing IAG Cargo with effective hardware, intelligent automation software and continuous improvements in warehouse automation using computer vision and AI / ML technology as a part of the FlytWare solution, which provides automatic aerial inventory scanning.

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Nitin Gupta, CEO, FlytBase, explained: Fly Flyware’s tests at IAG Cargo have successfully explored important opportunities and challenges in deploying fully automated drones. for the amount of inventory. The aerial inventory scan can not only provide high frequency and efficient number of cycles but also can affect the productivity and support the prescribed audit. The availability of live video feed and location-based image data, along with capabilities like precise landing and WMS integration make FlytWare an attractive option not just for prime numbers. public, but also RFID, AGV and other methods are still expensive and difficult to expand. Needless to say, we aim to deploy FlytWare across IAG Cargo, a leading supporter of aerial inventory.

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IIAG Cargo said it will continue to test certain elements of drone activity early next year to improve what has been achieved.
FlytBase is a drone software business company whose mission is to help businesses automate and expand the scale of their drones.
FlytWare autonomous solution, for warehouses, DC, freight centers and inventory storage facilities, featuring accurate landing, obstacle avoidance and operator-friendly control panels which requires minimum training.

With the cloud connectivity option built into the solution, FlytWare can potentially be used at each center – as well as at the corporate headquarters – to plan, implement, monitor, repeat, and audit and automate inventory counting tasks.