1. Taxi operating management

  • As a taxi management and management solution provider with more than 10 years experience, Adsun continues to research and build a new technology platform for businesses doing business of passenger transport by taxi and electronic contract vehicles.
  • Inheriting from a very stable taxi operating management system and used by many taxi companies over the years, we have improved the introduction of modern technologies to develop into a system that can meet the needs of Demand for development and diversification of services of passenger transport enterprises.
  • Adsun’s taxi management and management solution is a complete system for many types of vehicles, especially suitable for traditional taxis that need strict management and synchronization of data from the taxi meter with the smartphone application of drivers and passengers.

2. Management of passenger cars and trucks

Adsun provides legal solutions for passenger cars, trucks, and passenger cars with many preeminent features. Adsun built the system focusing on 2 main objectives:

  • Meet the mandatory regulations to install cruise monitoring equipment for regulatory agencies. Hardware and software equipment is fully featured, certified to comply with QCVN 31: 2014 / BGTVT, ensuring registration standards and stable operation.
  • Provide useful tools to support transport business units to monitor and manage vehicles more conveniently and effectively, reduce costs and time in management, improve business efficiency.


  • The ANDON ADSUN production management system is defined as a specialized software and equipment system to support the production management with the best efficiency in the production process of factories and companies.
  • The ANDON ADSUN system is designed to control the details of incident at each critical stage in the production process. The system works in real time with ability to warn immediately the interruption of the production process such as equipment with incidents, lack of raw materials, semi-finished products, detecting errors on products. These events are activated at work locations by employees – workers directly involved in production…