1. Adsun TMS T100

  • Adsun TMS T100 positioning device is the latest version of the Adsun positioning line – upgraded from TMS-T90 and still has a compact, convenient positioning kit, which is convenient for assembly and use.
  • Just like the previous version, with the Adsun TMS T100 positioning, in addition to accessing information on the webste, users can access and manage vehicles through the iOS and Android applications on smartphones. quick, easy …
  • Suitable for vehicles subject to forced installation of cruise monitoring equipment such as cars, trucks, …

2. Adsun AD-M2

  • Adsun AD-M2 positioning device is the latest version of the Adsun positioning line – specialized for vehicles not required by the Ministry of Transport..
  • With Adsun AD-M2 positioning, in addition to accessing information on the webste, users can access and manage vehicles through iOS and Android applications on smartphones quickly, easily …
  • Suitable for both family cars and motorbikes or customers who want to install additional cruise monitoring … to enhance the management capabilities of the business. On the other hand AD-M2 has more asset protection features.


  • The fuel sensor (X3-adsun) is a specialized electronic device, in combination with the vehicle itinerary. To monitor fuel consumption over time with almost absolute precision.
  • Fuel sensor devices have become familiar with transport businesses in particular and people using personal vehicles in Vietnam in general.
  • Fuel sensor (X3-adsun) – researched and manufactured by Anh Duong Electronics and Telecommunication Joint Stock Company (ADSUN JSC) is the top fuel sensor device in consumers’ trust.


  • Surveillance cameras are devices that can be integrated into the Adsun cruise monitoring system – each system can attach up to 4 cameras.
  • Information from camera images is programmed to capture at a certain time interval or depending on actual events such as opening the passenger car door, opening the trunk of a container truck – depending on the management requirements of the transport business.
  • The image information is transmitted to the server along with the itinerary information of the vehicle: location, speed, time … very convenient and intuitive for management – creating the accuracy and transparency of business activities. business.

4. Taxi meter

  • Taxi meter is an indispensable device in the business of taxi services – company or private.
  • Equipment must meet requirements: stable, accurate operation, suitable form, aesthetic.
  • Taxi meter AD116F with advanced microprocessor, high mechanical strength, user-friendly software interface, very suitable for Vietnam Taxi companies to exploit business effectively.

5. Taxi fare printer

  • Adsun taxi fare printer app prints taxi bill on taxi. Adsun products are designed and manufactured by components of famous manufacturers (Seiko, TI, NXP), so they have high durability and good print quality.
  • Simple, compact design, easy to install and replace printing paper. Adapt to the conditions of shaking, high temperatures on taxis.
  • Use Adsun taxi printer to meet the provisions of Decree 86/2014 / ND-CP on taxi business conditions and improve service quality for passengers.

6. Internal telephone exchange

  • Internal telephone exchange is an important equipment in ensuring internal communication, with customers, partners of businesses.

  • Operating on the principle of switching helps the terminals to call each other, as well as outbound calls on some subscriber lines. Help managers reduce information costs, control talk time of employees …

  • FX432PC telephone exchange meets the needs of the company’s internal phone, office, hotel restaurant, factory …