Building surveillance camera system on key highways (February 1, 2021)

This is the direction of Minister Nguyen Van The at the Conference on implementing tasks in 2021 of the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam. On the Adsun business side, we have been promoting the completion of camera products to meet the requirements of Decree 10/2020 NDCP and serve the increasingly high market demand.

Must strengthen the punishment cold

Addressing the direction at the Conference on summarizing the work in 2020, implementing the tasks in 2021 of the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam taking place this afternoon (January 7), Minister of Transport Nguyen Van The highly appreciated Directorate for Roads Vietnam has advised the Ministry of Transport to complete the draft Law on Road Traffic (amended).

“This is a great effort of the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam. The National Assembly basically agreed with the draft Law because it was carefully drafted, reviewed and adjusted inadequacies in real life. Besides, the General Department has advised to successfully complete Decree 100, which has a pervasive effect in social life.

At the same time, the General Department has actively removed problems, successfully completed the non-stop automatic toll collection project at most of the toll booths in the country, thereby helping vehicles to circulate quickly, reduce circulation time, reducing costs, reducing environmental pollution and reducing public opinion “, Mr. Nguyen Van The evaluated.

Bo truong Nguyen Van The camera nghi dinh 10

Bộ trưởng Nguyễn Văn Thể phát biểu chỉ đạo Hội nghị triển khai nhiệm vụ năm 2021 của Tổng cục Đường bộ VN

In the coming time, Minister Nguyen Van The requests the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam to pay more attention to the institutional building work, especially in completing the draft Law on Road Traffic (amended).

Requiring the better implementation of Decree 100, the Minister directs the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam to build surveillance camera systems on key highways, and coordinate to provide violation data to the police force to increase The intensity of the fine is cold, thereby contributing to raising awareness, solving the bottleneck of “parachute, toad station”, strictly handling vehicles that stop parking in contravention of regulations.

“Decree 10/2020 on the business of transport business requires that the camera is installed on the transport business vehicle, it is completely possible to handle the car even though the toad station is through post-inspection and punishment”, the Minister said.

Referring to an important task of the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam is to manage and maintain over 24,000 km of national highways and more than 1,000 km of highways, the Minister said that this is a national property, so it should be done well. maintenance, repair and maintenance. In which, the two arterial lines, NH1 and Ho Chi Minh road, need to pay special attention to the factors causing traffic safety loss such as damage to the road surface, incomplete signs, and black spots of traffic accidents.

Regarding the handling of maintenance costs for BOT projects that have not yet been charged, the Minister said that legal documents need to be adjusted in the direction that during the toll collection period, the Directorate for Roads will manage the maintenance. the project, after being collected, will be handed over to the investor. For non-stop toll collection (ETC), it is necessary to promulgate some legal regulations to strictly deal with the situation where the vehicle does not have a card in the ETC lane …

Over 15,000 km of “hungry” national highway capital

Previously, reporting the results of activities in 2020, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Cuong, Deputy Director of Directorate for Roads of Vietnam, said that last year, the General Department of Roads has developed and submitted 16 draft legal documents. law, 100% completion of the quality assurance plan, progress. In which notably is the document of the Law on Road Traffic (amended).

For road maintenance management, in 2020, the General Department held a 100% online bidding to select contractors and execute construction to repair the highway system to ensure quality, longevity and the exploitation is safe.

Regarding traffic safety assurance, Mr. Cuong said, in the condition of capital still facing many difficulties, the General Department still prioritizes the work of dealing with newly arising black spots and potential traffic accidents to prevent, repel traffic accidents, especially catastrophic traffic accidents. By 2020, 97 newly arising black points and traffic accidents potential points will be handled; painted lines of more than 1,300 km of road marking lines; replacing and adjusting more than 2,200 sign clusters; additional repairs more than 180 km of protective orchids.

In particular, for the Thang Long bridge repair project, on the basis of analysis of the cause of damage, a study and comparison of alternatives and synthesis of experiences, a repair plan for Thang Long bridge was selected. lightweight composite spherical structural solutions. With careful preparation, the main work items such as welding anchor nails; UHPC mixing and spreading are piloted to ensure proficiency before implementing the actual construction of the bridge surface and after 5 months of construction, the project has been completed to meet the progress and quality.

However, Mr. Cuong also said that the capital need for maintenance of the national highway system in the 2016-2020 period is more than VND 100,000 billion, but in fact, the State budget only allocates more than 43,000 billion VND. Up to now, more than 60% of the total length of the national highway has passed the periodic repair period, equivalent to more than 15,000 km, of which nearly 10,000 km are past the refurbishment period and more than 5,000 km have not been overhauled. carry out periodic repairs according to regulations due to capital limitations.


(*) On the Adsun business side, we have been promoting the completion of camera products to meet the requirements of Decree 10/2020 NDCP and serve the increasingly high market demand.

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