Powerful application of GTVT industry digital transformation technology (January 21, 2021)

The Ministry of Transport has just issued Decision No. 2434 / QD-BGTVT dated December 28, 2020 “Promulgating the Plan of Information Technology Application, Digital Government Development and Network Information Security Assurance of paragraphs 2021-2025 “.

According to the Plan, the main objective is to invest in modernizing the application of information technology in management and administration activities of the Ministry of Transport in accordance with the Government’s digital transformation trend and building a digital economy. in the period 2021-2025.

Developing e-Government and digital government towards building a database (database) for all professional activities, using digital data for automating decision-making and supporting decision-making. Focusing on building systems to serve people and businesses in the direction of administrative reform, facilitating and reducing costs and social resources.

Specifically, in the period of 2021 -2025, the ministry will focus on forming a data infrastructure of the transport industry, including a shared platform database that is connected, integrating data from specialized professional systems. in order to provide information for transport management and administration to reach decision-makers fully, promptly and accurately. 

Chuyen goi cong nghe so 2021-01-21

The Ministry of Transport promulgates the plan of information technology application for the period of 2021-2025

100% of reporting regime in the transport sector is standardized and managed by the application of information technology system of the Ministry of Transport with interconnection with the National Reporting Information System.

To achieve the above objectives, the Ministry of Transport will continue to review, supplement and complete the system of legal documents, policies and mechanisms to create a favorable legal environment for IT application in operations. of state agencies, developing digital government and ensuring network information security at the Ministry of Transport.

The ministry also focuses on building and completing technical infrastructure as well as developing platform systems for integrating and sharing data to form an ecosystem in smart transportation; developing digital data, applying big data technology and artificial intelligence in data analysis, giving forecasting data to support development planning and directing and operating the agency’s work.

Develop applications and services to serve people and businesses on the Public Service Portal and the Ministry of Transport’s electronic one-stop information system to ensure connection with the National Public Service Portal and national databases.

Source: http://www.tapchigiaothong.vn
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