It takes time to evaluate the effectiveness of Decree 10 (January 18, 2021).

After 9 months of implementation, Decree 10 began to come into life and clearly effective in a number of aspects …

Decree 10 was issued at a time of utmost necessity, right at the time of the explosion of digital platforms in multi-industry business, especially before the reality of digital application management. in the transport business.

In addition, Decree 10 also addresses burning issues in transportation activities such as contract vehicle management, fixed-route transport management, and solving shortcomings in business conditions of businesses.

After 9 months of implementation, Decree 10 does not come to life immediately as Decree 100 because transportation is complicated, requiring adjustments and changes by both State management agencies and enterprises.

However, after the issuance of Decree 10, transport enterprises have received and adjusted in a more positive direction. The most obvious is that the application platforms involved in the transport business have been clearly separated, thereby ensuring a more transparent transport business environment. In addition, the contract car business is also gradually being stricter and deeper.

After 9 months of implementation, Decree 10 began to come into life and clearly effective in a number of aspects. Notably, in parallel with Decree 10, the Government has issued Decree 126 on tax administration.

Specialized Vice Chairman of National Traffic Safety Committee Khuat Viet Hung

Thereby, solving problems, persistent contradictions, required for many years by taxi transport businesses. This is a prominent highlight of Decree 10. Other regulations are being implemented, it will take time to evaluate.

Although the “parachute, toad station” or the limousine disguised contract car transport still works, it is more orderly and strictly managed. In order to better manage this service, it is necessary to complete the management platform of the transport business vehicle to really manage the operation of the contract business vehicle as well as the fixed-route commercial vehicle, ensuring more equality.

In addition, it is necessary to continue to manage internal transport activities. The Ministry of Transport has reported to the Government to submit to the Standing Committee of the National Assembly for permission to develop a Decree governing this type of transport.

When the Decree is promulgated, it will be more strict to manage, avoid the situation that the vehicles used for transportation business take advantage of switching to vehicles with disguised internal operations, leading to unfair competition in transport activities.

After 9 months of promulgating Decree 10, we cannot say much about efficiency because transport business management cannot succeed overnight. This requires that the transition from the provisions of the Decree to the guiding circulars be gradually improved.

Besides, it is necessary to train and grasp thoroughly for business managers, drivers and those doing state management …

Dr. Khuat Viet Hung (Vice Chairman in charge of National Traffic Safety Committee)

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