Decree 100 changes traffic culture (January 6, 2021)

Decree 100 is considered as a medicine to treat slime disease and prevent violations that are the direct cause of traffic accidents.

With fines that are many times more severe than before, Decree 100 is considered a medicine to treat slime disease and prevent violations that are the direct cause of traffic accidents. The strict handling of the functional forces has contributed to changing the behavior and habits of many people, building a healthy traffic culture with the spirit of “Drinking, not driving”. As a result, in 2020, traffic accidents fell the most in the past 10 years.

“From now on please!”

On the occasion of the New Year’s Day holiday in 2021, as usual, Mr. Vu Tuan’s family (living in Hanoi) invited two close friends’ families to travel to welcome the New Year. This year, three families choose to go to Sa Pa and unlike every year, all 3 families agree to rent a car instead of using each house with a separate car.

“We decided to go out and drink alcohol and beer, so we rented a car instead of driving by ourselves. If you go from Hanoi to Sapa and run around the entertainment spots for 3 days, the gas and road costs of each private car are also 1.5 million VND / car, or 3 cars cost 4.5 million. Now renting a comfortable 16-seat car for storage, not all seats, only costs 6.5 million. The price is 2 million VND higher than the cost of the car, but it is safe to have fun and drink, but now only “stick” to violate the alcohol content, the lowest level is 6-7 million VND “, Mr. Tuan explained.

The choice of Mr. Tuan’s family and his friends is probably also the choice of many other families, of many others during the 2021 New Year as well as the previous holidays.


In 2020, the national traffic police discovered and handled 185,550 cases of violation of alcohol regulations. Photo: Ta Hai

Because the national traffic police force has focused on strictly handling violations of alcohol concentration since Decree 100, many people are aware that if they drink alcohol or beer, they do not control their vehicles. traffic family.

In 2020, the national traffic police discovered and handled 185,550 cases of violation of alcohol regulations.

Notably, when being examined and sanctioned by the traffic police with a very heavy fine, many people use enough reasons to justify their behavior, find enough ways to be ignored. Before the determination of the traffic police, they expressed their remorse and most of them considered the lesson not to repeat next time.

Typically, on the afternoon of December 31, at the intersection of Le Van Luong – Hoang Minh Giam (Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi), the Task Force of the Traffic Police Team No. 10 (Hanoi Police Department of Police) stopped a series of vehicles. to test alcohol content.

Among these were Mr. Do Dinh C. (SN 1980, in Quan Nhan ward, Thanh Xuan district), driving a SH motorbike with the Supervisory Board 29G1- 429.3x. When stopped, Mr. C. “showed off” his relationship with a high-ranking officer, but before the determination of the traffic police, Mr. C. had to sign the record. “Driving will get a heavy fine, but I could not refuse when you force drink,” Mr. C. confessed and said, “from now on, please spare”.

At the same time, at the intersection of Lang Ha – Thai Ha (Ba Dinh District), the Working Group of Traffic Police Team 3 (Police Department of Hanoi City Police) stopped a series of vehicles to check alcohol content. driver.

Among these, Mr. Nguyen Quang H. (SN 1995, in Kim Bai town, Thanh Oai district, Hanoi), drives a motorcycle BKS 29X – 456.3x carrying his girlfriend behind was kept by the police for a serious violation. alcohol level. So Mr. H.’s plan to welcome the new year at Sword Lake with his girlfriend was unfinished because there was no car to continue circulation.

“Due to the happy year of the year, I drink with my friends, now I get a heavy fine and keep the car, deprived it like this, from now on, if I drink alcohol, I will never dare to drive again!”, Mr. H. said.

Lieutenant Colonel Vu Xuan Ha Thai, Head of the Working Group of Traffic Police Team No. 3, said that compared to the first phase of Decree 100 implementation, things are much more favorable because the violators have understood the law, almost no. have any objections.

Meanwhile, on highways, the force of the Traffic Police Department is also strengthened to handle the “ghost men” of drivers, especially passenger cars.

According to the leader of the High-Speed ​​Birth Control Team No. 1, the Traffic Police Department, compared to the time when the new Decree 100 took effect, the violation of alcohol content has decreased significantly. However, at the end of the year, the traffic police force will still strengthen the birth control market, strictly handle it to prevent accidents.

Awareness of the people changed markedly

Not only in urban areas but in remote and isolated areas with many ethnic minorities, where drinking and beer habits have been closely linked to the daily life of many people, it can be seen clearly. changed since Decree 100.

In the mountainous district of Quy Chau, Nghe An province, this is home to a large number of ethnic Thai, Tho and Kho Mu. For generations, a cup of wine has always been a thing for people to greet each other regardless of morning, noon or afternoon. The more you drink, the more you get drunk the more you become intimate.

Mr. Vi Minh Trang, Traffic Safety Committee of Quy Chau District, said that since before Decree 100 took effect, the use of alcohol and beer during holidays, Tet, filial piety, joy … is still popular.

The fun often lasted with blessings, weddings, and even more “unhappy” fun because of alcohol and beer. Especially, the driving situation after using alcohol and beer has caused many serious accidents in the area.

However, since the issuance of Decree 100, the functional forces have increased propaganda and treatment, the situation of using alcohol and beer has changed many times. The situation of people using alcohol and beer has decreased significantly.

Some weddings and funerals have replaced alcohol and beer with soft drinks or other non-alcoholic drinks. People have become more conscious and responsible in using alcohol and beer.

“As a result, in 2020, there will be no traffic accidents or collisions related to the use of alcohol and beer”, Mr. Trang said.

Lieutenant Colonel And Ba Bi, Head of the Police Police Team of Ky Son district, a mountainous district of Nghe An province also said that over 90% of the population is from ethnic minorities, many customs and practices. related to alcohol and beer.

However, since the implementation of Decree 100 up to now, thanks to regular, continuous and drastic propaganda in dealing with violations, people’s consciousness has seen many positive changes.

It is not forbidden to drink alcohol or beer, but to drink and then prohibit driving

According to Colonel Duong Duc Hai, Head of Traffic Police Department of Hanoi City, by 2020 the traffic traffic situation in the city has decreased on all 3 criteria. To achieve the above results, the drastic and effective implementation of Decree 100 plays a very important role.

“Consciousness of road users has changed a lot, most of them dare not drive while drinking alcohol. In order to continue to implement the results, the Department has deployed the plan to the local Traffic Police Teams and stations, 30 special task groups 141 in coordination with the district police to continue strictly handling violations of alcohol concentration, in addition to “Welcome” on the highways in the city, also set up on the inner city roads with many restaurants, bars … “, said Colonel Hai.

Similarly, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tuong, Deputy Head of Traffic Safety Committee in Ho Chi Minh City, said that in 2020, the city will reduce 10% of all 3 criteria on the number of cases, the number of deaths and injuries caused by traffic accidents.

Specifically, the number of traffic accidents decreased by 14%, the death by 12%, and the injured by 15%. Particularly, the number of traffic accidents caused by alcohol and beer use has decreased significantly across the city.

As in Binh Chanh district, in 2019, 150 people die from traffic accidents, but since the implementation of Decree 100, the number of traffic accidents has decreased sharply, in 2020 the number of deaths will be reduced to 15 people. “This is the first year, the city has less than 600 people dead due to traffic accidents,” said Mr. Tuong.

As for the service to take the drunk home home, according to Mr. Tuong, there are several companies registered in Ho Chi Minh City to organize this service and initially it is also effective. However, some people already know this service, some people have not, so it is necessary to expand further in the coming time.

According to a police officer in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City, since the issuance of Decree 100, the situation of traffic accidents related to alcohol content has decreased significantly. The only difficulty today is that the offending vehicle is kept too much with no place to store it.

Recognizing the effectiveness of Decree 100, Colonel Do Thanh Binh, Deputy Director of the Traffic Police Department said: “Decree 100 is the hottest keyword in the past year, with the highlight being the fine for violating alcohol content. increased very high, along with the drastic deployment of functional forces ”.

According to Colonel Binh, because the vehicles are now mainly owned by individuals, when fighting against the economy, it is clear that awareness and execution have been better.

“It is important to understand that Decree 100 does not prohibit people from drinking alcohol, but once drinking, they are not allowed to operate vehicles. If it is required that both drink and drive, it is an unreasonable requirement. In life there are always choices and we have to choose things that bring greater benefits, minimize damage to society, ”said Colonel Binh.

Sharing the same point of view, Major General Le Xuan Duc, Deputy Director of the Traffic Police Department (Ministry of Public Security) added that at the end of the year, the situation of driving alcohol violation tends to increase and there have been a number of related traffic accidents. related to alcohol concentration. Therefore, the traffic police will pay special attention to checking alcohol content violation in the period before, during and after Tet.

Source: Giao Thông
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